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Yep. Files corrupted. Not too far back, though.
Did we have a server rollback?
I lied
Ok good to know thanks
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Hi everyone,

I am giving a heads-up about the server reset. In addition to the reset, there will be some major rank changes. Some perks will remain, and others will be gone; hopefully not forever. For now, Mojang is targetting larger servers, however, it is no doubt the battle will eventually reach servers of our size. To comply with Mojang's requirements the following perks will be GONE. For now, at least.

Perks that will be terminated:

- Buying IGM for Real Money

- Personal Times

- Fly Mode

- Possibly others- I have yet to inquire with Mojang


As much as I hate this, I have to do it or I risk the server being black listed. In case you didn't know, Mojang will be blocking some servers which fail to comply with their EULA. I hope that this gets better with time, as I hate to have to remove perks.

Thank you,                                                                                                                                                                     Tyler

New Ownership

tyleratcass aSVIP posted Apr 27, 16

Hey everyone!

Once again, the server is under new ownership.. this time it will last, or at least I hope it will. As many of you have suggested, we will be following through with a server reset. This reset, however, will only be resetting the old 1.2.5 world and the economy. There will be no need for schematics, as I will also be opening a new server, under the IP of Classic.AMinecraft.Com. All homes, warps etc. will be there. It is a much easier alternative to creating a copy of everyones home and such. And for those worried about the economy reset, I suggest that you buy gold at the shop at sell it after the reset, as you will have kept most of your funds.

I hope that the server has a bright new future, and hope to see you all in the coming weeks! Have a nice day,

Tyler and Staff

New AMineCraft Plugins?!

azier a posted Mar 13, 16

Hi AMineCrafters!,

As you know we've been up now for a little over a month and things are beginning to level out and bugs are slowly being cleaned up.

The staff would like to know what YOU want from AMineCraft. What plugins, arenas, etc. would you like to see on the server. Let us know in the comments below and we'll choose the best ones and add them to the server.

We welcome all suggestions, so don't be afraid to tell us what your idea is. There may be special rewards for the submitters of the final ideas!

Happy Crafting,

2002pacman I also remembered a plugin from way back on this server. The Hangman Plugin! Players could start a hangman round at will...
D3athChick3n Yo, it's been a long time and I'm looking at getting back into minecraft with some friends. Is the server down...
MomoMochiii if it still exists, I'd love the Emotions plugin so I can smack Alec's butt when he annoys me ;D
A jailor's job is to keep track of who has been jailed, putting up signs at /warp jail,
and explaining to people what they have done to be jailed, and what not 
to do in the future. 
Players will be able to ask the Jailor questions about server rules, and what
to do in the case they have a problem.
The jailor will also have access to all other staff at all times in case there is
an emergency.
If you are interested in this staff position, go to the applications tab
and click "Jailor App". Good luck to all who apply!!!! :D

Note: The jailor will be changed the 1st of every
month to give all players an opportunity!
SexySlashMonkey You can just use your /ontime. I know you've been on here for a long time, so your ontime won't matter to me
daniel1032 i have over 20 days of playtime on AMC and ive been playing for almost 2 years should i use /ontime or just estimate me ...
SexySlashMonkey There is no minimum
-NEVER lie about your age. If you are under 15, you can still apply and get JrHelper, but if you are caught lying about your age you could be banned!
-Stick to the question asked! "What are the most important things about running a server?" Do not shy away from the topic!
-PLUGINS PLUGINS PLUGINS?! Don't take up space listing a bunch of plugins. This is the most common mistake people make in their essay, and it results in a poorly written essay. 
-Good grammar is very important. If your essay has bad grammar and is hard to read, the chances of it being accepted are extremely low. Ask a friend to revise it before submitting it!
-DO NOT ask about your application in-game. It can take a while for it to be looked at, and patience is a great quality in a helper!
-Even though it is difficult, make sure you reach 400 words at least for your essay! Any less will be automatically rejected.
-DO NOT rush your app! You are not writing this to "get it over with", you are writing it for a chance at a staff position. The more work you put into it, the better it will be!
-It is important for our staff members to be active, so make sure you are on regularly to help! 

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