I am sooooooo Glad Aminecraft is back! Can't wait to get back to playing here!
Loving what I seeing Darke
At last!
It been awhile for Jy and I as well
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Version Status

VetoFatum a
VetoFatum @ AMinecraft
posted Apr 19, 18

AMinecraft is currently running:

Version 1.12.2

People of AMinecraft!

VetoFatum a
VetoFatum @ AMinecraft
posted Apr 19, 18

People of AMinecraft!

Hello! My name is VetoFatum. This is my first time dealing with this server... and from what I am told by Darke, AMinecraft is chock full of history and character. I look forward to conversing with all of you soon, and getting to know AMinecraft's nature up close and personal.

Recently, I was contacted by the acting owner, Darke regarding reinstating this server, as I am experienced in the avenue of Minecraft server technics. From what I understand, the old owner is currently taking a leave of absence from their role in the server heirarchy. He left Darke with the server files, and several guides on running servers.

Unfortunately, there was an issue with the server upload or download, which resulted in a corrupted world. Due to this, the server must be rebuilt from nothing. However, there may be a silver lining to this bad news. I was told by Darke that when the previous owner was running AMinecraft, there were numerous lag issues. Judging by the old world's gargantuan size (upwards of 5 gigabytes!), It could be that the old world was causing the excessive lag. Here's to limited lag, fingers crossed!

We were able to salvage the permissions files, so all ranks are in working order.

I should also note that I will be frequently on the server. This is due to Darke's limited experience, and her needing of my assistance. With that said...

AMinecraft is online! Join at!

Hope to meet you all soon,


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