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Nope, those are still intact. The new world that Slash made is the one that's mostly gone.
So the old wilderness from around 2012-2013 is gone now @tyleratcass?
Yeah, the files have quite literally been through hell numerous times. I feel somewhat lucky only the new wilds were corrupted. It could have been a lot worse; homes, ranks, plugins, and a whole lot of other things gone would be a nightmare to repair
@upuu I dunno. Because the server owner has changed 3 times now, I dunno if those files got saved or not. You'll have to ask Tyler the next time u see him on that one, I'm just assuming things here
Do you think the previous wilds were saved and that I could possibly download them @cobraman456?
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Status Quo - Summer '17

tyleratcass ao posted Feb 25, 17

Minecraft V1.11

IP: Play.AMinecraft.Com

Hey everyone! The server has been rather innactive lately on my behalf, because of school and other real life obligations. However, this summer I and the other Administrators will be working diligently to rebuild the server from top to bottom.

While there will be survival and the classic minigames/ PvP, there is also going to be a fully interactive questline available. As time progresses, we will build additions comparable to DLC. Hopefully this is a neat approach to something different that people have requested. The server will remain public, but will be under heavy construction, and will be unstable due to the addition and removal of plugins.

If you have ANY suggestions or wishes, do not hesitate to get in contact with myself or the other Administrators; We would adore to hear what any of you would want to see in the near future.

Here's to a successful summer,


cobraman456 take as long as you need, I rather it be done later and be great than it be rushed and not so good.

Donation Rank Prices

tyleratcass ao posted Jun 30, 16

Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that all donation ranks are getting a reduction in price. Every single rank, from Knight to Ultimate is getting a 50% price cut. You should not have to pay 40 bucks to be able to fly. This will be forever. No gimmicks or anything of that sort. Happy crafting!


Current Version

tyleratcass ao posted Jun 28, 16

We are currently running Minecraft 1.10.

Server Update (1.10)

tyleratcass ao posted Jun 20, 16

Hey all! I know I haven't made an update for the server for quite some time, so I think I will make one now. As you may know, Mojang released Minecraft 1.10. Once most core plugins are updated, I will look into grabbing the updated jar. I have also postponed the reset, but most access to the old world is gone, aside from player homes and some towns. The server is up, and I will be on to play throughout June and August!

- Tyler

Hi everyone,

I am giving a heads-up about the server reset. In addition to the reset, there will be some major rank changes. Some perks will remain, and others will be gone; hopefully not forever. For now, Mojang is targetting larger servers, however, it is no doubt the battle will eventually reach servers of our size. To comply with Mojang's requirements the following perks will be GONE. For now, at least.

Perks that will be terminated:

- Buying IGM for Real Money

- Personal Times

- Fly Mode

- Possibly others- I have yet to inquire with Mojang


As much as I hate this, I have to do it or I risk the server being black listed. In case you didn't know, Mojang will be blocking some servers which fail to comply with their EULA. I hope that this gets better with time, as I hate to have to remove perks.

Thank you,                                                                                                                                                                     Tyler

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