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now to add anew post to the shoutbox :)
Purty Pweezes
when did the srver get back up?
No 1 played on server so I kinda think it is down for good:/
what happened to the server?!
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AMineCraft - Resurrected

azier a posted 23 hours ago

We'd like to start off by saying that AMineCraft is back. Yes, you heard it right. AMineCraft is back from the dead with a new whacky owner!

Most things are the same, we rescued what we could, but there will be bugs. For the most part, all of your player data, chests etc. will all be the same way you left them over two years ago.

However, with all of this downtime, the server has had some minor 'kinks'. Such kinks include Towny data being reset. If you owned a town, you will be paid 20,000 in compensation. 14,000 for the actual town and 6,000 for plots/ expenses.

Another difficulty is the chest protections. All previous protections are now gone thanks to Mojang and their new UUID system. What this means is that all chests, doors, sign protections are gone. I suggest re-locking all your chests before they are looted - we can restore your items if you're griefed, as always, but we really do suggest locking them as soon as you can.

azier and tyleratcass will be taking over AMineCraft, Owner and Head-Admin respectively, we look forward to seeing you on the server to reminisce.

azier & tyler.

A jailor's job is to keep track of who has been jailed, putting up signs at /warp jail,
and explaining to people what they have done to be jailed, and what not 
to do in the future. 
Players will be able to ask the Jailor questions about server rules, and what
to do in the case they have a problem.
The jailor will also have access to all other staff at all times in case there is
an emergency.
If you are interested in this staff position, go to the applications tab
and click "Jailor App". Good luck to all who apply!!!! :D

Note: The jailor will be changed the 1st of every
month to give all players an opportunity!
SexySlashMonkey You can just use your /ontime. I know you've been on here for a long time, so your ontime won't matter to me
daniel1032 i have over 20 days of playtime on AMC and ive been playing for almost 2 years should i use /ontime or just estimate me ...
SexySlashMonkey There is no minimum
-NEVER lie about your age. If you are under 15, you can still apply and get JrHelper, but if you are caught lying about your age you could be banned!
-Stick to the question asked! "What are the most important things about running a server?" Do not shy away from the topic!
-PLUGINS PLUGINS PLUGINS?! Don't take up space listing a bunch of plugins. This is the most common mistake people make in their essay, and it results in a poorly written essay. 
-Good grammar is very important. If your essay has bad grammar and is hard to read, the chances of it being accepted are extremely low. Ask a friend to revise it before submitting it!
-DO NOT ask about your application in-game. It can take a while for it to be looked at, and patience is a great quality in a helper!
-Even though it is difficult, make sure you reach 400 words at least for your essay! Any less will be automatically rejected.
-DO NOT rush your app! You are not writing this to "get it over with", you are writing it for a chance at a staff position. The more work you put into it, the better it will be!
-It is important for our staff members to be active, so make sure you are on regularly to help! 

This means you only have 3 MORE DAYS to move everything over to the 1.7 world, and have your town  refunded!!!
If you want your town refunded use /mail SexySlashMonkey <town name> OR /mail ColonelFalcon <town name> . Even if you are offline, your town can still be refunded.

There will be no exceptions for this date. If you have anything left in the 1.6 world by Monday, it will all be gone!
Thank you for being patient with us, it is finally updated! You have until February 21st to move your belongings from your current homes to the new /warp wilds (1.7 world) After that date, all 1.6 world items will be removed!!! 

If you need your town removed, ask SLASH or FALCON or VENOM, and you will be refunded for all existing plots and additional costs. Your town will not be saved, but you will have 1 month to move whatever you like. 

If you have any questions, we are here to answer! :D
daniel1032 could i get refunded for my town that went into ruins? it got deleted when i wasn't on for a few months.
SexySlashMonkey /warp wilds is now 1.7
Zombieslayer8901 How do you access the 1.7 world
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