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State of AMinecraft

By VetoFatum aHead AdminVIPKnight - Posted Mar 24, 19

It's hard to believe that AMinecraft has been up again for almost a year! Time really does fly.

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Lots has happened around the server in this year. The old world was (mostly) revived, as well as the PvP and parkour arenas. We saw the change from 1.12 to 1.13 after months of anticipation, and the mall was finally opened. Spawn was revamped, and there's much planned for the future.

I would like to address my tendancies, most noticable of which include my AFK spells and procrastination. I have acknowledged these in the past in a jockular manner. However, this is an issue for not only myself, but also for you, the players. Last week, I was confronted regarding my effectiveness in my method, I suppose. Hearing that made me realize that I wasn't the only one who noticed- I didn't care, either.

Listening to the concerns of these behaviors from players who noticed, and did very much care made me realize something. I need to change. For the better. This is something that I can fix easily, and I fully intend to do so. I will note that you need to let me, or any other staff member know of any shortcoming, on my behalf or not. If you think I am putting off something I have promised to do, come to me directly.

The manner that I was spoken to was also cause for concern. It made me realize that I may not be as aproachable as I as I see myself being. Don't feel like you need numbers to tell me something. I will treat you with the same respect that I treated all of those who voiced their concern as a group. 

As I aim to change, so too does the server. Change is inevitable; many don't recognize AMinecraft as the server that they used to play on. Perhaps this is a good thing. Now, we can focus on what you want, as players. So I will be initiating a new application in the coming days for you to state a case for a new event, plugin, or other idea that you would like to see implemented. These suggestions may come with the opurtunity to assist the staff in the creation of your idea. AMinecraft is your experience, and we want for it to encompass what you want to do.

Finally, I have enjoyed this year. I have seen such growth within myself, as well as the community. The server may be evolving, but I don't want for this to change. Together, we can make AMinecraft marvelous.

On behalf of the staff,